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Surjivan Resort Maneshar

Surjivan Resort Maneshar  is best cultural Adventure resort near Delhi Damdama Lake  based on Native indian conventional town theme. Propagates in 50 miles of lavish green farmlands. Surjivan Resort Near Delhi offers large number of experience Day Picnic Near Delhi activities, contemporary outdoor activities, Inside activities along with Native indian conventional town activities. It is one of the best have a eat outside place around Delhi for day trip or one night remain. 14 air programmed bungalows are available in Surjivan Hotel with facilities like conventional cultural style bed room, connected bathroom etc. These bungalows have mud surfaces with organic organic colors such that it brings serenity and balance while the thatched rooftops and the ’Jarokhas’ provide organic chilling. A remain in Surjivan’s cultural sheds will give you a heady flavor of traditional life. Paying attention to your comfort the sheds have been prepared with contemporary facilities. Food takes on a whole new taste and flavor at Surjivan, with naturally grown grain, impulses, oilseeds and veggie,  prepared in earthen containers. The flavor which you would never forget and in addition to the high nutritional value

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